David Worobec is Portland, Maine's premier expert and practitioner of the art of miniature theater. Highly popular in the late-18th and 19th centuries, miniature theater delivers visually-stunning renditions of popular stage shows on a micro scale. Shows take place within the confines of a tiny stage, just a couple of feet tall, complete with curtains, sophisticated lighting, and impeccably detailed props and stage sets. Everything, including dialogue, stage movements, and musical numbers are performed live, in real time. The result: a visual and auditory marvel that is well worth an evening out.  


about David worobec

Tophat's founder and principal artist, David Worobec, is a classically-trained Opera singer and a talented pianist. A graduate of the Boston Conservatory, David has performed in a wide range of settings and ensembles. He has an exceptional vocal range, and has trained across a broad spectrum of musical genres. His repertoire includes opera, showtunes, standards, and more. He is also Maine's premier expert in miniature theater productions, and has staged hundreds of full stage shows in miniature form, complete with advanced lighting, stage sets, a miniature cast and props, and recorded orchestral accompaniment. David's work with miniature theater has been widely featured in print publications and video documentaries alike.

The range of his extraordinary voice, his intense focus on singing while organizing lighting and movement, the sets, the figures on stage — there were so many components to appreciate, and yet the show was so absorbing that eventually I forgot that there was only one singer, and that the stage was so small. Or maybe it’s better to say that the tiny stage and the single voice became a completely
convincing way to tell the story.
— Cherie Wendelken

Tophat's Services

  • Vocal performances.
  • Background piano.
  • Vocal performance with piano accompaniment.
  • Vocal and piano recitals at your location. 
  • Miniature theater productions.